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Patient Resources 

Preparing for Surgery

Pre-Operative Evaluation & Clearance 

Once you've had your surgical consultation and your surgery has been scheduled, a preoperative evaluation may be coordinated by our office. Your surgeon may require additional bloodwork and cardiac testing for surgical clearance. This can be done at the Pre-Admission department at the hospital, by your Primary Care Physician, or by your Cardiologist.

On the day of Surgery:


  1. ​Plan to arrive 2 hours prior to your scheduled surgery, or at the time specifically listed in your surgery packet provided by our office. This time is necessary to complete admission procedures, prepare you for surgery, allow time for you to relax, and permit us to do your surgery a little earlier, if the schedule permits. 

  2. No food or drink, including water, after midnight prior to your procedure. Failure to comply with this instruction can be dangerous and often results in the cancellation of surgery. 

  3. Leave your valuables at home but bring a photo ID, your insurance card, and a list of your medications and dosages. 

  4. Wear clothing that is loose fitting and easy to remove, and comfortable shoes. 

Additional Instructions:

  • Please make arrangements for transportation to and from the surgery center with a responsible adult that will participate in your post-operative instructions and care. You cannot be discharged to a taxi or public transportation.

  • Notify your surgeon if there is any change in your physical condition (cold, fever, flu symptoms, etc.) 24-48 hours prior to surgery.

  • Please refrain from alcohol or recreational drug use 24 hours prior to your procedure.

You have a role in your recovery and we are dedicated to providing the information you need to participate.

Did you know that before surgery is the best time to quit smoking?


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